What Is Your Soul and How Do You Connect With It?

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The soul has been described as the “fingerprint of god” and your “internal reference point.” The soul is fundamental to the essence of who you are.  When you’re living life in aligned with your soul, you feel complete and that your life has purpose and meaning.

However, if you’re like most people, you haven’t really given much thought about what is your soul and how you can connect with it?

What is the soul? It’s not an easy question to get your head around since it really has nothing to do with our thinking mind and everything to do with who we are at our very core.
I love this short video, in which Oprah interviewed many spiritual leaders about their definition of the soul. Iyanla Vanzant described the soul as “the fingerprint of god that becomes a physical body” and she went on to say that the soul is “unique to everybody.” Deepak Chopra said, “it’s your internal reference point with which you should always be in touch.”

If you believe that your soul holds the blueprint for how you’re meant to live your life and that you should always be in touch with it, the next questions is, “how do I get in touch with it?”

A couple of years ago, I signed up with The McLean Meditation Institute to become a meditation and mindfulness teacher. I knew there was something very powerful about meditation but I had no idea that it was going to create a linkage to my soul. I started a meditation practice to deal with stress and what happened was that meditation not only helped with my stress, but it reconnected me with my soul.

Most people don’t even know where to begin to connect with their soul. If you’re looking for your soul the only place you will find it and experience it is by turning your attention inward.

One of the biggest barriers to connecting and tuning into our soul is the stressed out and busy lives that we live.  So much about how we live our lives keeps us disconnected from our souls. We rush from one thing to the next, and when we have any down time we fill it with further distractions like watching TV and our collection of electronic gadgets.
The problem is that when we are disconnected from our souls we will inevitably suffer and will find it almost impossible to be happy.

How can we possibly be happy when we’re not living in accordance with our unique blueprint?

While there are many definitions and different ideas about what the soul is, most spiritual leaders agree that a powerful tool for connecting with your soul is meditation. Meditation enables us to peel away the layers of stress that prevent our connection with the soul and enables us to develop a new relationship with our thoughts. The very act of disconnecting from our thoughts and finding the space between our thoughts creates an opportunity for us to connect with our soul.

Meditation enables us to quiet our minds just long enough to begin to hear the messages that are coming from our soul.

We will never connect with our souls in the noise of our lives and our thoughts. And this lack of connection is causing many people to be unwell physically, mentally and spiritually. So many “symptoms” that people suffer from are as a result of being disconnected from their souls and not living their lives aligned with their internal blueprint.
Starting a meditation practice is an important step towards getting back on track and living a life inspired by your soul. Meditation doesn’t need to be time-consuming. All it takes is 5 minutes a day to get started. You can learn how to get started by reading this article that breaks it down into easy steps.
Are you connected with your soul? Are you living a soul inspired life? I’d love to hear from you, so leave your comments below.

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