That sense that something is missing in your life. That inner longing for deeper meaning and purpose. That persistent hunger to feel more deeply connected with yourself, others and the mysteries of life. These are all nudges from your soul inviting you to explore the 3 soul commitments.

They are powerful signs that something is awakening in you.

No longer satisfied by the material and superficial longings of life, our soul is beckoning us to grow and evolve into becoming more fully our true selves.

Our soul is inviting us to embark on a new journey. One that shifts and expands our ways of knowing often setting us on a path into the unknown.

There’s a growing number of people awakening to the deep inner knowing that we’re more than our physical bodies. That we’re connected to something much larger than ourselves. And with this budding realization there comes a responsibility.

A responsibility to respond to the call and do our part to grow our consciousness in service of our souls.

I hear from many people around the world who are confused by this call. Feeling a sense of confusion because they don’t know what the stirrings mean or how to respond. What often happens is that we suppress this natural process and as a result have a sense that something inside of us is dying.

Our souls are like seedlings that need to be tended to.

With the right conditions our souls will grow and become the guiding light for our lives. When that happens, we live from a place of deeper peace, alignment, fulfillment and love.

The soul needs two basic things to grow – the integration of our life experiences which becomes wisdom and a growing sense of love and compassion.

How do we cultivate wisdom and grow love?

This is where the 3 soul commitments come in. These commitments aren’t a walk in the park, and yet, when we commit to them our human load gets lighter and our souls shine brighter.

It’s important to realize that we can’t skip over any of the 3 soul commitments. How we move through them doesn’t matter as much as that we DO move through all of them.

A lot of people get stuck because they want an instant connection with their souls. They want the fruits of their labour without the labour.

What are the 3 soul commitments?

1) A commitment to heal the wounds and impressions from our childhoods and integrate the learnings into our present lives in a conscious way.

We all arrive in our adulthood with experiences from our childhoods that the soul needs us to integrate. For the majority of us, our childhoods more often than not pointed to who we were not rather than who we actually were.

This happens in all homes, even in the most loving ones. For some reason, that’s just how nature has set things up. We have to go through a process of knowing who we are not, and all the discomfort and suffering that goes along with that, in order to be motivated enough to uncover who we actually are.

The process involves cultivating self-love, forgiveness, compassion and becoming more aware of the impact our families and conditioning have had on us.

As we journey through the past, we also uncover the golden threads and key experiences that give us clues as to what our true path is. What are our unique gifts? What brings meaning and purpose to our life?

It is often said that time heals all wounds. The truth is that age and years alone don’t help with this vital soul commitment. Intentionality, opening to curiosity and the willingness to do the work, does.

2) A commitment to live in the present moment with an embodied integration of the past.

This requires that we develop a healthy personality that serves as an instrument for the expression of our souls.

What seems to happen for many of us over time, is that our personalities begin to get rigid and less permeable. The more rigid and dense our personality structure is, the further removed we are from our core essence and presence.

Our personalities are like life jackets.  In the beginning, they help us stay afloat, but as we grow older they become constricting – restricting the flow of our life force energy.

Learning how to create a personality that serves the higher needs of our souls can be challenging without a map.

Because the truth is we all need different things and a one size fits all approach doesn’t work.

Perhaps that’s why we have been gifted with the wisdom of The Enneagram. This powerful psychospiritual tool with its roots in ancient spiritual wisdom and modern psychology provides a framework for transformation.

3) A commitment to co-create our lives with an intelligent universe in order to be of service to something larger than ourselves.

It’s believed by the ancient wisdom teachings that once a person’s soul begins to awaken, there is a deep desire to be of service in some way that helps humanity.

This commitment to be of service requires that we cultivate ways of knowing beyond our 5 senses. This is where we enlist the help of our intuitive ways of knowing to bring another dimension to our experiences. Intuition is the language of the soul that is developed as our personalities become more fluid and permeable.

When you begin to pay attention you’ll notice that everything in your life is pointing to an opportunity to revisit one or more of these 3 soul commitments.

With time, patience and the spirit of curiosity, we slowly begin to return home to ourselves. We’re on the path of awakening to the deeper needs of our souls and our lives take on a whole new meaning.

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