Have you ever wondered who you are now that your kids are older or you have some space to look at your life? Do you feel something is missing in your life, even though you have so much to be grateful for? Or perhaps you don’t know how to go about looking after yourself without feeling guilty or selfish. Maybe you’re one of those people who are so busy looking after everyone else, that you’re starting to feel drained and don’t know what you need anymore. It was for all these reasons that I found myself retreating into a cocoon.

At first, I thought that I was all alone and these feelings were unique to me. And then I realized as a result of working with women from all walks of life, that many of us struggle with many of these same things.

Four years ago I felt like my head was spinning out of control with a lot of questions about my life and what brought meaning to my days. I felt my life was lacking in meaning and purpose.

I was living the life that most people dreamt about and yet I felt a deep sense of emptiness.

To put it simply, I had lost my inner sparkle. My life felt dull and I knew that I needed to make some changes. So I set out to get my sparkle back and reconnect with the parts of myself that I felt I had lost.

I spent the next two years in a cocoon stripping away the layers that were dulling my sparkle. The layers were made up of the stresses of daily life, old beliefs, anger and resentment, an inner voice that was like a bad roommate and a lot of energy ignoring my inner wisdom and trying to ignore messages from my soul.

In that cocoon, I had to accept that I needed to let go of some things in order to move forward.

While I was in my cocoon, I was determined to heal my life and get that inner sparkle back. I began to meditate and practice mindfulness in order to calm my busy, scattered mind. I learned how to tap into my inner wisdom and comfort myself when I was hurting or sad. I learned how to let go of anger and resentment that builds up over time. I learned how to love and be there for others while still being there for myself. I learned how to live in a stressful, chaotic world and still fill peaceful inside. I learned how to maintain the “I” in my relationships, which meant I could connect at a deeper level. In short, I healed myself and found a deep sense of meaning and contentment in my life.

The process of letting go in order to spring forward is never an easy process.

I constantly reminded myself the process of letting go and moving forward is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and then you get to a place where the sun comes out again.

Coming out of the cocoon and the messy part in the middle is when you feel the miracle of transformation. When I came out of the cocoon I wasn’t my old self anymore, I was actually better than my old self. I was living a life aligned with my soul’s purpose, feeling great about my relationships and myself and had that inner sparkle back.

I decided that this type of transformation and return to health and happiness was powerful and needed to be shared. I began mentoring other women, supporting them as they went through the same process that I had gone through. The results were amazing and women began getting their inner sparkle back.

I developed the “7-Steps to Ignite Your Inner Sparkle System” and it consists of a blueprint for powerful and lasting transformation for people who want to step fully into who they’re meant to be.

It has been my honour to hold the light for the women who embark on the journey back to wholeness and inner sparkle.

One thing all women need to know is that when you make the decision to really look deep within yourself and go through the steps to reconnect with who you’re meant to be, you will begin to sparkle from the inside out. And when that happens you will feel light, peaceful, content, calm and expansive as you live your life in alignment with your heart, your soul and who you’re meant to be.