A Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching Approach For Modern Lives.

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A holistic spiritual life coaching approach empowers awakening souls to discover their true selves and live a life that feels vibrant, connected and meaningful.

We all have the spiritual impulse to discover our true selves and grow into who we’re meant to become. Much like an acorn is meant to grow into an oak tree, we are meant to grow into the most authentic expression of our soul’s unique blueprint.

One of the first signs that our soul is inviting us into a deeper relationship with ourselves, others, and the mysteries of life, is when we begin asking what I call the big question.

Who am I? What’s missing in my life? What is wanting and needing to emerge through me? What is my life asking of me? How can I get into the energy flow and bring my unique gifts into the world? What does my soul need from me? Where is this impulse arising from in me? How do I use synchronicities and intuition as guidance for my life choices? How do I tap into this life force?

These are all spiritual questions that can only be answered by looking inside ourselves and understanding the spiritual laws of the soul and universe.

An increasing number of folks of all ages are awakening to their dual nature. Meaning we have both a conditioned self and a true self. The purpose of growth and development is to shed the limitations of our conditioning so that we can flourish by discovering our true selves.

The spiritual awakening journey is challenging for many of us because it requires that we shed our conditioned, habitual sense of self to become our true selves. Although challenging, it is the doorway through which we arrive at a place of more profound peace, fulfillment, contentment, happiness, joy and service to others.

What is the focus of a holistic spiritual life coaching approach?

My spiritual life coaching approach integrates holistic meditation practices to nourish the body-mind-soul, the Enneagram of personality to facilitate self-discovery from a psycho-spiritual perspective, and a coaching process that empowers people to become the best version of themselves.

It’s an approach that resonates with the growing number of growth-oriented people who identify as spiritual but not religious. 

I commonly start my clients with a core meditation practice that begins to shift and align things inside of them. It enables people to shift from the survival mode of fight/flight/freeze by settling their busy minds and nervous systems. Hence, they’re more receptive to soul nudges – those quiet and subtle messages that arise from our intuition and synchronicities.

When we quiet our minds, we can hear our souls. The part of us always weighs in on whether we’re living lives that are true to who we’re meant to become.

In addition to a core meditation practice, an integral part of my spiritual life coaching approach is using the Enneagram of personality as a psycho-spiritual soul map.

The Enneagram helps us by providing a map for understanding and discovering ourselves. Both from a psychological as well as a spiritual perspective. It enables us to see our core motivations, habitual thoughts and feelings, blind spots and what may keep us stuck and spinning our wheels.

The Enneagram map also provides insights into what specific and intentional practices are most appropriate to help us grow.

When we combine the wisdom from the Enneagram map with intentional meditation and other practices, we build the new muscles that lead us toward transformation and becoming our butterfly selves.

Our Soul's Journey - Bev Janisch

Transforming into our true selves is similar to what a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly.

This spiritual impulse inside of us is mysterious and gives us the signals that we’re meant to transition into a new way of being in the world. There’s a time when we’re called to let go of who we are no longer to evolve into who we’re meant to become.

The transformative process invites us into a liminal space (cocoon) to shed our conditioned self and create space for the “new” true self to emerge.

This spiritual awakening journey often feels unsettling, confusing, and scary because we’re letting go of our sense of who we are before we have grown into who we’re meant to become.

There are forces or energy inside each of us – one force is the energy of the soul urging us to grow and expand. The other force is the energy of resistance from our conditioning, preventing us from moving forward and wanting to keep us safe and in our comfort zones.

These two opposing forces are often what keep us stuck. It can be frustrating because one day, we have the courage of the soul, and the next day we’re full of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

A life force energy flows through each of us and represents the mystery of life. Like there are physical laws of matter, there are also spiritual laws like Karma or cause and effect.

A holistic spiritual life coaching approach can help you harness the spiritual laws of the universe and apply them in your own life. They can help you tap into your inner wisdom and learn how to create opportunities for synchronicities to arise in your life.

The soul is believed to be the organ of meaning. When we align with our souls, we expand in love and wisdom. The result of this is that we cultivate a personality that’s infused with our soul. We begin to flourish fully, both on the inside and outside.

A holistic spiritual life coaching approach helps people in many aspects of their awakening journey, including the following:

  • Questions about meaning, purpose, and your deeper calling.
  • Guiding you in discovering your true self.
  • Sharing tools and ways to look inside yourself for your answers.
  • Understanding the feeling that something is missing in your life and soul hunger.
  • Harnessing the courage to live in alignment with what you know to be true.
  • Developing resilience amid life’s challenges.
  • Gaining a broader perspective that enables you to feel empowered.
  • Cultivating the qualities of compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and loving-kindness.
  • Learning to discern what is the next right step in your journey.
  • Connecting with the mystery of life.
  • Cultivating states of flow, inner peace, creativity, synchronicity, intuition, and authentic happiness.
  • Fulfilling your potential and sharing your gifts and contributions with the world.
  • Integrating practices like meditation and mindfulness into your life for flourishing.
  • Releasing habits and patterns that don’t serve your evolving self and keep you stuck.
  • Navigating the journey through the dark night of the soul.
  • Integrating your life story to be of service to the world.
  • Alignment between what’s going inside of you and what’s going on outside of you.

What is the difference between counselling or therapy and spiritual life coaching?

In 1962, Abraham Maslow, an American Psychologist best known for his work around self-actualization, proposed that there’s a difference between deficiency needs and growth needs. According to Maslow’s original theory, people must fulfill their deficiency needs before fulfilling growth needs.

Maslow also identified that new models would need to be developed to support people feeling called to fulfill their growth-based needs.

Traditional counselling and therapy, with its roots in a biomedical model, was never intended to help people become all they can be. Their training worldview focuses primarily on deficiency needs- What did we not get in our childhood that prevented us from functioning well as adults? What needs to be fixed or healed?

In alignment with Maslow, I’m proposing that new models, like a holistic spiritual coaching model, are needed to equip awakening souls with the tools and map to become all they can be and use all their gifts to benefit our relationships and service to humanity.

We know that even when people become “healed,” that doesn’t mean they’re flourishing and bringing their best selves to life.

When models are based on the bio-medical model, spirituality is viewed as an add-on, if at all. Human beings need access to a holistic spiritual life coaching approach that considers the body, mind, heart and soul. It re-integrates spirituality as the core of what and who we are as opposed to an add-on.

It views human beings from a more holistic and growth-oriented perspective. This spiritual lens creates space to look at our lives through the lens of meaning. For example, instead of what needs to be healed from our childhoods, we ask ourselves, How has my childhood shaped who I’ve become, even though I may have liked it to be different? What soul lessons emerged?

From this perspective, we realize that our greatest suffering often creates the conditions for our gifts to arise.

With an integrated past, we’re gazing to the future and asking, What is calling me forward? Who am I meant to become with an energy fueled by our soul with the blueprint for our evolutionary path that is forever organized around living a whole and integrated life?

A holistic spiritual life coaching approach has come into existence to support our evolution and the higher-level needs of human beings to thrive, fulfill our full potential, live with deep meaning and purpose, have soulful relationships and serve something greater than ourselves.

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For nearly a decade, Bev's guided people seeking inner peace, confidence and clarity about who they are and how to grow into the best version of themselves. As a former nurse turned certified meditation and mindfulness teacher and spiritual life coach, Bev's worked with people worldwide and knows what it takes to get people back in touch with themselves to improve their health, relationships and a sense of purpose. Bev empowers people with the guidance and tools to let go of what's holding them back, grow into who they're meant to become and live a life that's true to their souls. Bev’s the author of Awakening a Woman’s Soul: The Power of Meditation and Mindfulness to Transform Your Life.

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