If you love reading and learning about all things spiritual and are a “seeker” of knowledge but spend less time actually “practicing” what you’re learning, than you be me suffering from spiritual analysis paralysis.
I am very familiar with this phenomenon as I spend 90% of my time reading about it and on a good day 10% actually practicing it. That’s a big confession for me since I’m a meditation and mindfulness teacher.
If you love learning about things at the intellectual level, then I’m sure you can relate to what I’m talking about.
I just spent the weekend at the “I Can Do It” Conference in Edmonton. It was amazing with two full days of back-to-back speakers. One speaker after the other sharing their powerful stories, insights, and words of wisdom to all of us “seekers.”
Mastin Kipp said something that really stuck with me. He said learning all this great stuff is merely “spiritual entertainment” unless you take action.
Wow, can I relate to that and I’m sure many others can too! We can get so entertained and drawn into the depth of wisdom out there that we don’t know where or how to begin to integrate it into our lives beyond the level of learning and thinking about it.
We are seeking the answers to the big questions in life like, “who am I?” and “what is my purpose?” We keep thinking the next book will hold the answer or the next spiritual movie or speaker.
At some point we have to stop and give ourselves some space to integrate it all into our lives or we will continue to be entertained but won’t experience a shift within us.
I came away from the conference with a number of great books which I can add to the stack that I haven’t’ read and the stack that is coming from Amazon this week.
I love reading these types of books. I’m also becoming aware that these books are somewhat of a distraction for me and keep me busy so that I don’t actually find time and/or commitment to do the “real” work that is going to support my growth.
I came away from the conference with enough spiritual knowledge to last me a lifetime and now I know it’s time to “get off the pot” and do the work.
What that looks like is different for everyone. For me, it’s taking a big step forward and starting to write the book that has wanted to come out of me for a number of years. I kept thinking, one more book to read, one more course to take, one more audiobook to listen to, one more spiritual movie to watch and then I’ll be ready to take the next step.
I’ve realized  that I’ve learned enough at the intellectual level and now it’s time to practice and share. For me personally, the practice is about using the tools that I’ve learned to heal the parts of my lives that need healing, live from the inside out and deepen the connection between my head and my heart. My book will share how meditation, mindfulness and other tools were used in my life to make some changes that needed to be made. For me, the next year is all about the practice and action, not merely reading about it.
If you are experiencing spiritual analysis paralysis, what one practice could you commit to that would help you move forward?  What have you learned that you could share with others?