Spiritual Life Coaching To Uncover Your True Self.

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Spiritual life coaching is ideal for folks on a journey of self-discovery who want to be empowered to connect more deeply within in order to become the best version of themselves.

We all have within us the spiritual impulse to discover our true selves and grow into who we’re meant to become. Much like an acorn is meant to grow into an oak tree, we are meant to grow into the most authentic expression of our soul’s unique blueprint.

A spiritual coaching approach views life in a way that supports human flourishing, growth, and evolution. We don’t look at people as problems to be fixed or health issues as signs of dysfunction or brokenness. Rather we look at signs and symptoms as messengers from an intelligent universe that are indicators of whether or not we’re fulfilling the path our soul had intended for us.

One of the first signs that our soul is inviting us into a deeper relationship with ourselves, others, and the mysteries of life, is when we begin asking what I call the big question.

Who am I? What is wanting and needing to emerge through me? What is my life asking of me? How can I get into the flow of life and bring my unique gifts forth into the world? What does my soul need from me? Where is this impulse arising from in me? How do I use synchronicities and intuition as guidance for my life choices? How do I tap into this life force?

These are all spiritual questions that can only be answered by looking inside yourself.

An increasing number of folks of all ages are awakening to their dual nature. Meaning we have both a personality and a soul. The intention is to infuse the energy of our soul into our personality and live an integrated life – uniting both our human and spiritual natures.

This awakening journey is challenging for many of us because it requires that we shed our conditioned, habitual sense of self to become our true selves.

Our Soul's Journey - Bev Janisch

We go through a process of transformation that is similar to what a caterpillar goes through in order to become a butterfly.

There’s a spiritual impulse inside of us that gives us the signals that we’re meant to transition into a new way of being in the world.

It’s inviting us into a liminal space (cocoon) to let go of the “old” small self and create space for the “new” true self to emerge.

This spiritual journey can at times feel unsettling, confusing, and scary because we’re letting go of our sense of who we are before we have grown into who we’re meant to become.

There are forces or energy inside of each of us – one force is the energy of the soul urging us to grow and expand. The other force is the energy of resistance arising from our small self, preventing us from moving forward.

These 2 opposing forces are often what keeps us stuck. It can be frustrating because one day we have the courage of the soul, and the next day we have the fear of our small self.

There’s a life force energy that flows through each of us and represents the mystery of life. Just like there are physical laws of matter, there are also spiritual laws like Karma or cause and effect.

Spiritual life coaching can help you harness the spiritual laws of the universe and apply them in your own life. They can help you tap into your inner wisdom and learn how to create opportunities for synchronicities to arise in your life.

The soul is believed to be the organ of meaning. When we live in alignment with our soul we expand in love and wisdom. The result of this is that we cultivate a personality that’s infused with our soul.

Spiritual life coaching can help with the following:

  • Questions about meaning, purpose, and your deeper calling.
  • Guiding you in growing into the higher version of yourself.
  • Sharing tools and ways to look inside yourself for your own answers.
  • Understanding the feeling that there’s something missing in your life and soul hunger.
  • Harnessing the courage to live in alignment with what you know to be true for you.
  • Developing resilience in the midst of life’s challenges.
  • Gaining a broader perspective that enables you to feel empowered.
  • Cultivating the qualities of compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and loving-kindness.
  • Learning to discern what is the next right step in your journey.
  • Connecting with the mystery of life.
  • Cultivating states of flow, inner peace, creativity, synchronicity, intuition, and authentic happiness.
  • Fulfilling your potential and sharing your gifts and contributions with the world.
  • Integrating practices like meditation and mindfulness into your life for flourishing.
  • Balancing your being and doing.
  • Releasing habits and patterns that don’t serve your evolving self and keep you stuck.
  • Self-discovery and becoming more fully your higher self.
  • Navigating the journey through the dark night of the soul.
  • Integrating your life story in order to be of service in the world.
  • Alignment between what’s going inside of you and what’s going on outside of you.

Spiritual life coaching has come into existence to support our evolution and the higher-level needs of human beings to thrive, fulfill our full potential, live with deep meaning and purpose, and be of service to something greater than ourselves.

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About the Author:

As a former nurse turned certified meditation teacher, author and spiritually-inspired life coach, Bev guides people around the world who feel called to become more resilient and flourish fully in their lives. Bev’s on a mission to empower people with the wisdom, self-awareness and spiritual practices to make the shift from feeling stressed, disconnected and like something is missing in their lives, to thriving from the inside out with the courage to follow a path that’s true to their soul.

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