Hourly Spiritual Consulting

Hourly Spiritual Consulting

Do you have questions or want guidance from a spiritual mentor?

With an increasing number of people identifying ourselves as “spiritual but not religious,” we often feel adrift.

The traditional religious structures, communities and doctrines aren’t resonating with a growing number of awakening people.

And yet, that doesn’t mean our spiritual needs are going away- if anything, they’re getting stronger.

I’ve wrestled with these same challenges and have gained some wisdom about “universal spiritual principles.”

If you’re in need of some guidance for your spiritual journey, I’d love to help.

This option would be a good fit if you…

  • Have completed a coaching program with me and you’d like spiritual guidance.

  • Have questions about meditation, mindfulness, the Enneagram or other spiritual practices.

  • Would like to obtain a tool or practice to help you with some specific area in your life that you’re struggling with.

  • Would like to explore how a misalignment with your soul may be impacting your health, relationships or sense of purpose

  • Are questioning whether you’re experiencing a “dark night of the soul” or a spiritual crisis.

  • Have a sense that things are shifting inside you and you would benefit from an exploratory call to gain some clarity.

  • Are curious about the bigger questions in life: Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Who am I beyond the roles that have defined me?

  • Feel like something is missing in your life and you’d like to understand why you’re feeling this way.


$125 for 60 minutes
available in-person or through a video call