My purpose in life has always been to make a difference. I have always wanted to help people who are suffering and becoming a nurse gave me the privilege to do that. I started The Compassionate Mind in order to help people who are stressed or suffering, through modern meditation training techniques.

When I decided to leave my nursing practice, which was really a calling for me, I began to experience more suffering of my own. I had lost my purpose and reason for being. I searched high and low for that “meaning” and it was out of my grasp.

It wasn’t until I turned my attention inward, that I started to find the clarity.

I was never very good at being with myself and always thought the answers were out there somewhere.  I searched everywhere for the answers except the one place I would find them: within.  So with not much to lose, I turned my attention inward and started to meditate.  I began to ask, “who am I” and “what do I really want”?

Through meditation I learned to be patient with the unfolding and only ask the questions, believing the answers would come in the right time and in the right way.
As my meditation practice continued I started to hear the answers coming from deep within me. My mind was settled enough and I was reversing the effects of stress so that I could connect with my inner self.

I knew that I needed to continue my meditation practice and wanted to understand why and how it worked. I also knew that I wanted to share what I had learned and experienced with others so that they too could experience more peace and less suffering. That is why I started The Compassionate Mind, in order to provide modern meditation training techniques that would make a difference in people’s lives.

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