How to practice self-love and compassion without feeling guilty.

How An Act Of Kindness Changed The Course Of A 5 Year Olds Life.

What if our purpose in life has nothing to do with what we achieve? What if our purpose is to make a difference in someone’s life without knowing we made any difference at all? I was really touched when I read the article, Oprah Reflects on the Act of Kindness That Changed Her Life: "I'll Take It to My Grave". [...]

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10 Signs You May Need To Cultivate Greater Self-Love

Many women turn our backs on self-love because we don’t want to appear selfish, self-centered, or self–absorbed. We’ve come to believe that putting others first and meeting other’s needs is kind and compassionate and that if we spend too much time focusing on ourselves, we’re selfish. At an intellectual level, we may believe that self-love is important.  At a subconscious [...]

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How to Mindfully Use Guilt to Fuel Personal Power

If you’re a woman, the feeling of guilt is a close and constant companion. But unlike a close friend, guilt doesn’t feel great to hang out with. For many years I felt guilty about everything: I felt guilty for working and then guilty when I wasn’t working. I felt guilty for doing too much for people and then for not [...]

How to Transform Feeling Irritated Into Kindness and Compassion

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." - Carl Jung Have you ever felt irritated with someone? I assume that I’m not the only person that has ever felt irritated or impatient. I also know that this feeling is really uncomfortable. Perhaps, if you’re like me, you’ve noticed that your first response is [...]

How to Honor Your Boundaries to Prevent Resentment

When I was in my late 20’s I had two small children, was pursuing a Master’s degree and was working part-time. My dad came to me and asked if I would hold a surprise party for my mom's birthday. I got this sick feeling in my stomach and then I said, “of course, I’d love to do it.” The problem [...]

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