Are You a Helper? 5 Mindful Practices to Prevent Burnout

Most women I know can remember situations in their lives when they’ve found that being helpful has left them feeling drained; physically, emotionally and spiritually. And that is why it is a lifesaver for women when they learn mindful practices to prevent burnout. Helping comes in many forms. It may be how we show up at work, in relationships, in [...]

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3 Steps to Breaking Your Control Freak Habits

One of the biggest things that rob us of our peace of mind are our control freak habits. Learning how to let go of those things that we have no control over, is one of life's biggest and most challenging lessons. My first opportunity to learn this lesson was when my kids were teenagers. Up until that point, I hadn’t [...]

2019-04-27T01:55:16+00:00October 15th, 2015|Growth and Transformation, Relationships|

How To Set Healthy Boundaries Around Vulnerability

In my last post, I shared about an experience that I had with vulnerability and how it left me feeling anxious and sick to my stomach. Let's be honest, most of us don't like feeling vulnerable. One thing we don't realize is that vulnerability isn't an all or nothing thing. There are times when putting yourself in a position of [...]

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Mindfulness Builds Your Say “No” Muscle

I was outside at our cabin while my husband was preparing to stain the railings. One of the neighborhood kids walked by and asked, "What are you doing?" My husband replied, “I'm sanding the railings, what are you doing”? The little girl said, “I'm going to the beach to build sandcastles”. My husband said, “Would you like to stay and [...]

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