Are Running and Yoga Really Giving You the Benefits of Meditation?

I read a blog post recently that stressed we broaden our perspective about meditation. It suggested that if you don’t want to sit in silence to meditate, not to worry. There are many other activities that you can do to meditate. Activities like running, bubble baths, walking, yoga, painting, cycling, listening to music and pretty much any other activity that [...]

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Meditation Isn’t About Meditation, It’s About Creating a New Way of Being

When people think about meditation, they often have an image of someone sitting crossed-legged on a cushion on the floor, eyes closed, waiting for inner peace to wash over them. After meditating for a few years I've come to realize that meditation isn't about what happens when your eyes are closed, it's about how you live your life. All of [...]

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A Busy Mom Shares How Meditation Changed Her Life

Do you ever wonder how you could fit meditation into your already busy life? Or perhaps you wonder what difference meditation could make or what you might expect if you decide to give it a try. I had a chance to interview Aleisha, a recent participant in my Learn to Meditate workshop about her experiences with starting a new practice. Aleisha [...]

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How Does A Mantra Meditation Work?

I recently had one of my meditation students ask: “How does a mantra meditation work if it’s not in the language you speak? Deepak (in the 21- day meditation experience) is using mantras such as Shanti Hum (I am peace). Does it make any difference to repeat the mantra in English or what’s your approach to this”? Great question!!! Mantras [...]

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Mindfulness Transformed How I Dealt With A Burglar

When I started a meditation practice and introduced mindfulness into my life, I had no idea it would change the way I dealt with absolutely everything. The experience of arriving home late one night to find my home had been broken into was the perfect test to fully experience mindfulness in action. How I dealt with it and how I [...]

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