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Everyone Has A Story and Yet It’s Not About The Story

Have you ever heard the saying "everyone has a story"? Have you ever felt shy about telling your story? I've been doing a great deal of reflecting on these questions in response to sharing my story in a recent anthology: When Women Talk: Empowering Each Other One Story at a Time. I had to think long and hard about whether [...]

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Helpful Tips for Making Decisions

Do you ever have a hard time making decisions for fear of making the wrong one? Have you ever noticed that you have plenty of voices in your head as you mull over the various options and “what if’s?” Has uncertainty ever prevented you from moving forward because you don’t have it all figured out? Why is change and making [...]

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How To Disperse The Crowd In Your Head

Have you ever noticed that you’re influenced by other peoples’ opinions and beliefs? Maybe you’ve got to the point that you feel like you have a whole crowd living in your head. It may be a voice telling you what you need to do to be a better mother/father, friend, sister/brother, spouse/girlfriend or person in general. Or maybe the voice [...]

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One Thought That Could Change Your Life

Stand guard at the portal of your mind. - Ralph Waldo Emerson A few years ago I read a book that literally changed my life because it changed my thoughts. Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley & Henry S. Singer M.D. opened up a whole new way of being and living. The book described that although we get older based on the [...]

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Who’s Running The Show: You or Your Thoughts?

It's pretty amazing to realize that most of us have thousands of thoughts in a day, and the majority of us are oblivious to our thoughts and what we're actually thinking. If you believe, like I do, that our thoughts are powerful in creating our life circumstances, how can we let something as important as our mind and our thinking [...]

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