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Awakening A Woman's Soul - Bev Janisch

Awakening a Woman’s Soul: The Power of Meditation and Mindfulness to Transform Your Life

A practical and inspirational book to guide women in letting go of who they think they should be to embrace who they are.

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“A must read for every woman!”

“Finally, a clear way forward. It has given me a tangible picture of how the journey to wholeness begins and unfolds, and why it’s worth the work.”

“Easy to read and so relevant for women of every age.”

“This book can change your life. It will show you how to get back to yourself.”

“Both an inspiration and also a guide to help you reconnect with your soul’s purpose.”

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More About Awakening a Woman’s Soul

On the outside, Bev Janisch seemed to have it all – an early retirement, financial security, happy adult children and a happy marriage – yet, on the inside there loomed a nagging dissatisfaction layered with confusion for not being grateful for the amazing life she and her husband had created. It took scaling the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro to realize that her happiness would only be found from going deeper rather than higher.

Awakening a Woman’s Soul explores the modern-day woman’s battle with soul hunger. Soul hunger is a deep inner longing for things to change. Our souls are calling for a shift from living a life based on how we should be and what we should do, to how we are meant to be and who we are meant to become.

In Awakening a Woman’s Soul Bev Janisch explores her journey of transformation and the mindfulness and meditation practices that worked to deepen her relationship with her soul. Our souls thrive on space, creativity, self-expression, freedom, connection, expansion, growth, love, nature, presence, forgiveness and self-compassion. It’s time for women to awaken and listen to the longings of our souls.

A Guide for Awakening Women to Explore:

  • How to make sense of your inner longings, restlessness and the call to awaken.

  • The key misbeliefs that impact your health, relationships and sense of life purpose.

  • Key meditation and mindfulness practices to help you settle your mind; develop awareness of limiting patterns; transform toxic emotions; cultivate self-love, and tap into an intelligent life force.

  • How to identify soul hunger and what to do about it.

  • What you can expect in your relationships when you grow and become more spiritual than your friends, family, and partners.

  • How to develop a deeper connection with your soul.

  • The importance of uniting your roles (wife, mother, friend, sister, employee) with the needs of your soul.

About the Author

Bev Janisch is the coach and mentor for conscious people who long to feel more peaceful and in touch with their best selves. She empowers people to use the ups and downs of daily life to rediscover themselves, let go of what’s holding them back and move forward with clarity and courage. Bev is an Associate Integral Coach™, Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, and Masters prepared Nurse. She knows what it takes to live a fulfilling and empowered life and loves to guide others in doing the same.

Bev Janisch