My "Dear 2015" Gratitude Letter

Dear 2015, Thank you for giving me so many opportunities to learn, grow and get to know myself better. You taught me to be grateful for each moment, even the ones that were painful and difficult to embrace. Like when I was feeling really lonely because Mark was away for such long stretches. I learned how to make friends with [...]

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5 Mindfulness Tips For A Peaceful Holiday Season

There’s a reason why the quote by Ram Dass resonates with so many people: “ If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family." From a mindfulness perspective, it’s a great opportunity to practice dealing with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Our families have a way of pushing our buttons. Combine this with the stress of the [...]

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Are You a Helper? 5 Mindful Practices to Prevent Burnout

Most women I know can remember situations in their lives when they’ve found that being helpful has left them feeling drained; physically, emotionally and spiritually. And that is why it is a lifesaver for women when they learn mindful practices to prevent burnout. Helping comes in many forms. It may be how we show up at work, in relationships, in [...]

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Learn HOW To Practice Self-Compassion With Yourself

Are you as kind to yourself as you are to others? Being kind to ourselves isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. I used to think that self-compassion was about doing nice things for myself like getting a message or going to a yoga class. Then I realized that doing these things for ourselves doesn't automatically translate into [...]

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3 Things YOU MUST Do To Change Something In Your Life

How often do you find yourself wanting to change something in your life? It could be something about your relationships, job, finances, kids, physical health, body, emotions or just about anything. Most of us spend a huge amount of our mental energy thinking and dreaming about what we want to change in and about our lives. Many of us fall [...]

2018-09-11T14:51:49+00:00October 23rd, 2015|Growth and Transformation|
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