Find Your Missing PEACE

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Find You Missing PEACE

You have a lot to be grateful for and yet you have a nagging sense that something is missing – I call it soul hunger.

You may have noticed that you’re asking big questions like…

Who am I? How can I live with deeper meaning, purpose, and connection? 

If so, the universe has guided you to the right place!

Find Your Missing Peace is a 10-hour coaching journey that helps you discover who you were born to become and grow into the best version of yourself.

You’ll receive one-on-one guidance, tools, and support from someone who’s been in your shoes and helps you Find Your Missing Peace.


Find Your Missing Peace is right for you if…

  • By most people’s standards, you’re successful, and yet you feel lost, confused, and are struggling to understand yourself and are looking for answers.

  • Your life looks good on the outside and you have a lot to be grateful for, but something is still missing – I call it “soul hunger.”

  • You’re asking big questions like – Who am I? What’s the meaning and purpose of my life? How can I feel more connected?

  • You’re seeking the courage to change and live in alignment with your true self, without a vision for what that looks like or how to go about it.

  • You’ve spent time and energy accumulating all sorts of knowledge, books, and ideas, but need some guidance integrating it into your life in a meaningful way.

  • You’d like to become more self-aware and are open to exploring spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, and the Enneagram of personality.

  • Being of service is important to you, but you struggle to use your gifts and contribute in a way that feels meaningful.

  • You want to move forward and be an inspired soul but fear, uncertainty, confusion, or lack of confidence is holding you back and you feel stuck. 

When you Find Your Missing Peace you’ll…

  • Have tools that enable you to become the best version of yourself and be more peaceful, self-aware, courageous, aligned, compassionate and wise.

  • Feel a sense of freedom and confidence from knowing who you are and what you need to thrive in your life.

  • Have integrated your past and shifted limiting beliefs that kept you stuck so that you’re energized by what’s calling you forward.

  • Harness forward momentum and be empowered with a clear vision of who you’re meant to become and equipped with the tools to get there.

  • Tap into and trust your inner wisdom so you’re less influenced by others and the voices in your head.

  • Understand the root cause about what’s missing or not working in your life and gain hope, insight and a clear vision for following your own path.

  • Have learned how to bring your soul and personality into alignment so you feel peacefully empowered and comfortable in your own skin.

  • Know you’re becoming the best version of yourself as you feel both lighter and grounded, peaceful and passionate, connected and free, loving and loved.


What to expect from the Find Your Missing Peace journey…

When I’m coaching a client who wants to be happy, fulfilled, and courageous, we co-create a new vision which includes having new beliefs and building new muscles enabling them to grow into the best version of themselves.

Life coaching with me is all about a guided journey where you’ll gain clarity about what’s missing in your life, discover who you are, grow into the next version of yourself, and begin to align your outer life with your inner truths.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 10 hours of coaching with a compassionate guide who’s been where you are and cares deeply about helping you grow.
  • A 2-hour Learn to Meditate launch session (included in the 10 hours) to set you up with your own personal meditation practice.
  • An Enneagram typing interview to shed a light on your unique gifts and the blind spots that may be holding you back.
  • A personalized coaching plan that creates structure so you’re not spinning your wheels trying to figure it out on your own.
  • A weekly reflection template that helps you integrate what you’re learning and enables me to journey alongside you.
  • Customized meditation and mindfulness practices to help you build new muscles and not just think about it.
  • Email access and support if you’re feeling stuck between sessions and/or need compassionate guidance.

Awakening Soul Coaching Journey

I have discovered a better understanding of myself and structured a clear future pathway for a life of meaning and purpose. Bev’s insightful coaching style along with her kind and empathetic approach is a great fit for anyone looking for personal growth and development.
~ L.H.

This approach allowed me to embrace my dreams and develop a growth-oriented and forward-thinking mentality toward my life.
~ A.H.


Your Find Your Missing Peace journey cultivates…

Awakening Soul Journey
  • A CALM BODY enables you to shift from survival mode to feeling peaceful, grounded, and nourished. Restoration creates the foundation for growing into the future version of yourself so you’re energized to follow your soul’s intended path.

  • A CURIOUS MIND enables you to explore the mysteries of life and your own personal journey in a meaningful way. As you begin to connect the dots and learn to navigate your life in new ways, you’re open to the soul nudges that are calling you forward.

  • A COMPASSIONATE HEART enables you to feel connected with yourself, others, and the Universe. You get in synch with the flow of the life that wants to emerge through you and become a force for love, kindness, and service in the world.

  • A COURAGEOUS SOUL enables you to shift from being lost, confused, and fearful to being energized by what’s calling you forward. You envision who you’re meant to become, build new muscles, and move forward with courage.

When I began working with Bev, I had a feeling of listlessness and stuckness. Not knowing what the next step was or how to move forward. I was looking for help in discovering what’s next and what would be meaningful. Through coaching, I got momentum as well as a renewed energy in discovering how I’d move forward. Bev provided a gentle acceptance of where I was while encouraging me to discover what was calling me forward. ~ B.B.