Create Space For Your Authentic Self This Spring

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We all love spring because it is a time of growth and renewal. We are moving from the dormancy of winter to the budding of a new season. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. This feels so good to most of us and makes spring the perfect time to say “hello” to your authentic self.
I had the opportunity to experience spring in all it’s glory the other day when I was outside doing my spring clean up. Before I knew it, I was experiencing spring in a new way, a more spiritual way. I was becoming increasingly aware of the deeply spiritual nature of this season and the opportunity to reflect on our own personal growth as we come out of dormancy.
As the new plants of spring are poking out of the ground, it’s important to trim away the dead parts of the plant from last year. The new growth needs space in order to grow into a healthy plant. When you don’t remove the old stuff, the new stuff can’t grow.
The practice of getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t serve us anymore and prevents us from thriving and being authentic is as important in our lives, as it is in nature. Many of us hold on to things that don’t serve us and are afraid to let them go. That may be in the form of relationships, jobs, beliefs, attitudes, habits and the “stuff” in our physical spaces. If we don’t do what nature intended us to do and prune out the old stuff, we can’t fully grow and be authentic in our current life.
When we realize that nature intended us to cut away the old stuff, we give ourselves permission to get in the flow with nature. Our choice is to either cut it away or it will rot our authentic self away.

The next time you’re in the garden turn it into a powerful practice by reflecting on the parts of your life that aren’t serving you. As you cut away the dead stuff from last year and see the new growth coming through, become aware of what that is for you and allow yourself to energetically let some things go.

Spending time in the garden in spring also reminds us that everything needs space in order to grow. When we don’t prune stuff regularly, things get choked out and don’t grow well. That same principle applies to our lives and our ability to grow. We all need to create space at different times and in different ways. What that space looks like is different for different people. Some people find that space during meditation, walking, yoga, artistic expression, journaling, listening to music, being in nature. It doesn’t matter what it is, it just matters that space is created.

The next time you’re in the garden reflect on whether you’ve got enough space in your life to grow. What do you need to do to create space? What prevents you from creating space? What price are you paying by not having space for growth? Do you have enough space to explore and connect with your authentic self?

The wisdom and insights about who we are and how we’re meant to live are always experienced in the space.

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