Who Is Bev Janisch?

Who Is Bev Janisch?

As a transformational life coach and meditation teacher, I am a tireless advocate for women’s souls. My specialty is helping women integrate meditation, mindfulness, and other spiritual practices into their lives in a way that makes a difference to their health, relationships, and contributions.

Since 2013, I have been teaching, coaching, and mentoring women who are seeking ways to feel more peaceful and are being called to awaken to the deeper truths of their souls. I have taught hundreds of people how to meditate and guided many women that want the life-changing tools without the religious or spiritual affiliations. I’ve lead training sessions and workshops in corporations, conferences, retreats, and in a university setting.

I write extensively about meditation, mindfulness, and spirituality and have been featured in numerous publications. I’ve co-authored two books and my first solo book is coming out shortly: Awakening a Woman’s Soul: The Power of Meditation and Mindfulness to Transform Your Life.

My mission is to alleviate the soul hunger and suffering that arises when women ignore the inner signals that something in their life is out of alignment with the needs of their souls. I’m inspired by values such as self-compassion, self-love, emotional resilience, forgiveness, gratitude, spirituality, generosity, freedom, responsibility, meaning, creativity, and growth.

My Own Transformation

For many years I worked as a nurse. When I left nursing to explore life beyond a career that had been deeply fulfilling, I felt somewhat lost. A few years later, as I was standing on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the highest peaks in the world, I had never been lower. My life had lost a sense of meaning. I had lost touch with my soul. I began to realize that my sense of purpose and inner contentment would only be found from going deeper rather than higher.

Meditation and mindfulness became the tools to help me reconnect with my soul and what was missing in the midst of an abundant life. Through that journey, I realized that many things in my life were out of alignment and were impacting my health, relationships, and sense of purpose. Bringing my life back into alignment was necessary and yet difficult at times as I stripped away what was no longer serving me in order to embrace who I was at my core.

I struggled because I didn’t have the tools to help me with this transformation. During my transformation from shifting from how I felt I should be, to who I was born to be, I felt very alone. I needed a compassionate guide to share wisdom, tools, and support as I reconnected with that part of myself that I had lost along the way.

At the time, I wasn’t looking for spiritual entertainment or someone to do the work for me – I needed tools to look inside myself for answers. I needed to learn how to love myself, deal with my feelings, quiet my mind, get out of my head and into my heart, listen to my intuition, transform anger, resentment, and guilt, find deeper meaning and get in the flow of life instead of fighting it. What I learned was that many women have similar challenges and misbeliefs that keep us stuck.

As I began sharing what had worked for me, I heard from many women that they were hungry for these practices and a way of being that honored their souls. This lead me to develop and share a unique and proven program that serves as a blueprint and a step-by-step process to help women transform thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions that don’t serve them in order to embrace ones that honor their souls.

I didn’t invent these tools. However, I did put them together in a way that created space for deep healing, growth, and transformation. My approach is geared toward getting to the root cause of misalignment in our lives rather than merely addressing the symptoms. While quick fixes that are geared to spiritual entertainment rather transformation may be appealing, they often do not result in the lasting and significant change that we are seeking.

When I work with a woman, she receives all her own personalized tools that enable her to calm her mind, deal with her emotions and look inside herself for her own answers. I’m grateful to report that when I see a woman years after she’s worked with me, she still has the tools and knows what to do and how she can get back on track if she’s feeling lost.

Formal Training & Credentials

I worked as a nursing leader for 30 years in the field of dementia and end of life care. I received my Bachelor’s in Nursing degree from the University of Alberta and a Master’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Calgary.

After retiring from nursing, I became certified as a meditation and mindfulness teacher through the McLean Meditation Institute. For the past several years, I have been fully immersed in spiritual studies, which lead me to take graduate level classes in psychology and spirituality.

I have completed programs in life coaching, deep transformational coaching, mindfulness training, the nature of prayer, and many other courses. While I value formal learning and education, I have come to realize that our most valuable asset is our own journey and the wisdom we gain through living a fully conscious life.

I live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband, Mark and dog, Molly. I love to connect and welcome questions by email. I also love to connect via Facebook.